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On the Real Estate Success Partner Podcast, co-hosts Devin Dubuc and David Nguyen interview real estate agents, investors and entrepreneurs about successes, failures, and hard-earned lessons.

The Real Estate Success Partner Podcast gives you information from a variety of mortgage and real estate experts with hands-on knowledge to help you through the home buying process.

The Real Estate Success Partner Podcast shares tips, tricks, hacks, and knowledge to help you buy a home, refinance, or invest in real estate. Whether you’re in the market for your first home, looking to buy a house with little money down, ready to refinance, or interested in investing in real estate - this podcast has a lot of easily digestible information for all things real estate. Be sure to tune into one of the most informative real estate investing podcasts.

The Real Estate Success Partner podcast is operated by the Dubuc Team, Click n’ Close, Inc. NMLS# 150009. Find out more at 

Recent Episodes

Episode 1: Real Estate Success Partner

Episode 3: Is Now A Good Time To Buy? 

Episode 2: How To Have Success In Any Market

Episode 4: Giving Money & Streamlining Processes...

Episode 5: Make Sure the Best People Do the Job They Do Best

Episode 6: The Reward is in Giving Great Customer Service

Episode 7: Educating Underserved Communities About Homeownership

Episode 9: It's All About the Clients

Episode 11: Roots of Greenville

Episode 8: Building Systems for Success

Episode 10: Building Client Relationships to Become Successful

Episode 12: Lifelong Connections with Your Real Estate Partners

Episode 13: The Power of Working With a Team

Episode 15: What's Going On in the
Real Estate Market

Episode 17: Why Loan Consultations Matter

Episode 19: Generating Your Own Business Through An Inventory of Clients

Episode 21: Evolving into Better Ways of Doing Business

Episode 23: The Team Behind the Scenes

Episode 33: How Building Wealth Through Real Estate Will Help You Grow

Episode 35: Having A Solutions Based Mindset

Episode 14: Overcoming Adversity

Episode 16: It's Not About the Money

Episode 18: How to Be Efficient in Your Success

Episode 20: From a Lead Based to a Retail Branch

Episode 22: The Real Estate Vet Everyone Should Know

Episode 24: Searching Day and Night for the Answers

Episode 34: Unlocking Real Estate: Empowering Agents and Educating Consumers

Episode 36: Success is Giving Back to Your Community

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